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Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis


Cecarrelli Fat Lipolysis is a solution formulated by Professor C Ceccarelli, a regenerative and physiological scientist in Rome, Italy.


Ceccarelli solution uses the Fenton reaction/metabolism to enable your practitioner to re-sculpt the contours of the face and body using a safe and effective solution made up of Vit C and Fe(iron). The Ceccarelli lipolytic solution, when injected, acts on the fat cells causing a process of natural fat cell death (also called fat cell apoptosis).

Patients with allergies to Vit C and iron should not be considered for this treatment.


The number of threatments depend on the amount of fat in the area that needs to be dissolved. Usually 2 to 3 treatments done 2-4 weeks apart is sufficient.


The maximum volume to be injected at a single session is 200 ml. No area on the body larger than two hands should be treated. It is not a weight loss treatment, neither is it a treatment for obesity. This is ideally a treatment for resistant localized fat deposits. Results cannot be guaranteed and it is important to maintain a healthy body weight after treatment. New weight gains will result in re growth of fat in the treated area. Results usually visible by two weeks post treatment.


  • Face: eye bags, fatty nasolabial folds/bulges, fatty jowls and double chin, fatty jawline.
  • Body: Resistant fat on tummy, love handles, inner thighs, saddle bags, bra bulges, bat wing arms, knees, ankles and cellulite bulges.